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Project Description
Copy or edit/update/modify Site Columns (fields) in a SharePoint Services 3.0 site. To move site columns, you can copy using the Migrator and then delete from SharePoint. This .Net 2.0 windows application runs on any client and uses Integrated (Windows) Authentication. This application provides functionality not available within SharePoint including: renaming a site column (SP only allows changing the display name) and copying a site column.

Requires the .Net Framework 2.0

Future builds may enable editing, copying, and moving Content Types/Lists/Libraries and provide support for Forms based Authentication.

I recommend making a backup of your site before modifying site columns.

The application does not include any validation, little optimization, or much error handling.
Please list errors and recommendations in the Issue Tracker.

Development Positions Needed
  • SharePoint Tester
  • .Net Developer

Created by:
Robert R Freeman --- --- Sacramento, CA

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